Perfect isn’t happy


We have a saying in our house: “Perfect isn’t happy.” I made this up a long time ago, and I love to say it to my Daughters. It’s the best gift really. You can see the tense muscles relax in the truth, of these 3 little words. Words have so much power. And, ohh how I love this phrase. I say it often. Imagine me fluttering around, sprinkling glittery little love bombs around the place. Satan hates me. It’s so awesome.

I am a long-ago recovering perfectionist. Like, many pills, and many years ago. I can’t even now. People need real. Somebody’s got to have the nerve to stick their neck out and be The Real Deal. Since I didn’t see any hands up, I volunteered. And it feels goooood. The freedom is incredible. If I take my eyes off Jesus, I can panic. But for the most part, I look up. I keep my head up, unashamed at who I am. I’m not vulgar. I’m not arrogant or haughty. I’m not a loud-mouth. I’m not smug. I’m not all, “Well, you know, that’s just me.” I’m an enormous work in progress, but I’m IN PROGRESS. That’s important.

Perfection is the enemy. Did you know that there is a spiritual world that exists? There is actually a spirit of perfectionism. It’s no bueno. It’s there, and it nips at the heels of many women. Depression and anxiety are often side-effects of it. The way you kick perfectionism’s butt is to saturate yourself with some good truth words, and some good old fashion, good people. There are some left. I promise. If you don’t know one, you do now.

Pay attention to the things you say. Some of them are ridiculous, right? Would you say these things to a friend? No way. Listen Friends, YOU are your best friend. Stop acting like a mean girl to yourself. God doesn’t create junk! Get into the Bible, and read exactly what He says about you. It’s pretty cool.

Give yourself freedom to be PROGRESSING, not perfecting. We have another saying in my house, “Practice makes Progress.” Not perfect. Same idea. See the trend?

Stick around here, beautiful. We’re gonna see some great things happen together. I’ll believe in you, until you can believe in yourself. I’ll love you, until you can love yourself. And then you’re gonna get out there, and shine Baby shine!


Warmly, Sarah

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Laundry room inspiration

After our home was finished being built, the laundry room was the very first space we customized. With it being a very small room, and one that we spend a lot of time in, I wanted something dramatic. I love using dark colors in small spaces, to achieve this. This velvety blue paint has different tonal qualities: Cool spectrum with an almost black base, and rich teal top coat. It’s other-worldly. And hard to peg down – Perfect for my taste!

I had a loose idea of what I wanted from the lighting: Something dim, something dangley, but not girly. Something to compliment the ceiling, without detracting from it. I wanted the ceiling to be The Star. And it is. The laundry space feels decidedly masculine, and unexpected. When people walk in, they are delighted. They linger. I like that.

The ceiling is made up entirely of recycled pallet wood, in assorted natural shades. The planks were stained a nice deep cocoa, before Ray used a nail gun to secure them to the ceiling. He also hand crafted a wood shelf from the same material, that was affixed to the back wall. The only thing missing is a couple of Ray’s original photography shots of Cape Cod, Boston, and the New England area, where he spent time working, and nonchalantly capturing the sights – His eye for outdoor nature photography is impeccable.

We’re happy with the (almost) end result, and hope you enjoy taking a peak inside our laundry domain.













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Fitbit breakup


2016-08-15 09.49.16-1

I tried it. It went back. Here’s my feelings about Fitbit – what worked, what didn’t.

For those of you not familiar, Fitbit is a device you wear on your wrist, like a bracelet, that measures your daily steps and physical activity, water intake, and sleep patterns. For a lot of people, I know that owning a Fitbit motivates them to move more. In the interest of posting an objective review, it can be effective for people who want a visual reminder to get their 10,000 steps a day (recommended by Fitbit.) For many, the fireworks that go off when the 10,000 steps a day is achieved, is magical for them, and worth $120.

In a nutshell: I can more or less tell if I deserve fireworks, without glancing at a bracelet. Answer: I always deserve fireworks. And, so do you. We don’t need a bracelet to be all, “You are a rock star!” “You did it!” “Congratulations – You’re totally worthy.”

Dear Fitbit. We already know. Bless your heart.

Before you think I’m a poor, fat, bitter hater (only one of those is true), let me explain my side of the coin. Let’s call this, The Right Side of The Coin, just for reference. Because it’s my blog, and I totally can do that.

Here’s the deal: I am a list maker. Bless my heart. I like to make daily to-do lists, and it’s epic to check those boxes off, or erase them all together – Victory is sweet. The boxes that don’t get checked off, take up space in my mind. Space that is precious real estate. I don’t put lame things on my list. They don’t make the cut. I’m selective. I’m a list-making snob. Things like: hair appointments, orthodontic appointments, bringing cupcakes to a classroom, cheer practice, date-nights, etc, all make The List. In contrast, walking, hydration, and rest, do not. Either does walking my dog, because – Dude! These things will happen. They are automatic.

I assure you, I get more than the 10,000 steps in. I have 3 kids. And a large house (that I actually walk around in, without being carried.) And activities. And sports. And a pleasant life, that requires movement.

Fitbit became un-fun. (Yes, we’re making this a word.) It was a drudgery. It was ugly on my wrist. It was sweaty. It wasn’t practical. I’m simple and don’t need a whole lotta hoopla. Unless, it’s Shoe Hoopla. Bring on the Shoe Hoopla immediately!

All joking aside though, I have one serious issue with Fitbit: Unfortunately, it can be a shaming device that you pay for. You pay, to make something make you feel like crap if you had an “off” day. Y’all know that I’m all about encouraging words, and making you feel great (because you really are), and I’m concerned for some people that wearing a Fitbit might not be good for them, mentally. Negative thought patterns develop silently, and can be sneaky little buggars. There is a new Mom somewhere, who is trying to hold it together, and have a daily shower. She does NOT need a Fitbit. At all. I’m giving a lot of people permission to get free. Y’all need some freedom!

Jesus didn’t wear a Fitbit. He didn’t need the approval. Just sayin.

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