Stay on the platform


Life with kids can be a roller coaster. It’s a twisty, turn-y, fast-paced, fun, heart pounding, thrilling ride! At times, it can be a wild adventure. That’s where you come in. You, the parent, must chill. That’s right. Chill. You are not steering this thing. You are merely a chaperone, while your child lives. Living involves messiness, mistakes, moments of epic success, and plunging heartbreak. Take heart! You do play a very important role though. A vital, life-giving opportunity to allow your child to grow, while you keep your sanity. Are you in?! I thought so.

This analogy will blow your mind. If you make this small tweak in your perspective, you will be an elite parent immediately and have so much credibility with your child, it’s not even funny. Except it is. Because it takes epic amounts of self-control, but it’s funny because it’s so effective. Why haven’t we done this before?!

Here it is:

Life is happening all around you, when you’re not even looking. You are sailing through, skipping through lines, flying past problems, jumping over speed bumps with your kids because you are awesome!!! This is so easy. What’s everyone complaining about??! Terrible Two’s? Nope. Scary teenagers? What’s that?? Meltdowns? Past that – Over and done. But then all of a darn sudden your kid grows some cojones (and this is so scary because I have girls.) So, just what the actual crap. Nowwwwww…. the nitty gritty. Apparently, your child hears a loud “ALL ABOARD THE CRAZY TRAIN!!!!” in their heads, because it becomes evident to you, rather quickly, that they are about to climb into the big wooden roller coaster and let it rip. All over your house. Fun times. Here’s what you do:


You are Ice Cold Mother Theresa. You show no feelings. You remain on the platform, letting them ride the feelings, feel all the durn feelings. Flash them a peace out sign, you’ll see them at the exit. In the meantime, they’re really enjoying that ride, aren’t they? But you don’t laugh. God no. Bite your tongue. You are Ice Queen. Elsa has frozen you. When they are done, you may now parent. Now…you are Madea: It’s about to get real. Did they sin in their anger? Then they have a consequence now. Sass? Backtalk? Disrespect? Ohh heeeeeeck no. You rebuke that behavior and correct them. Yes Mam! You are not having any of that. Remain calm, firm, but lead them. Lead by example, Gorgeous. Are you prone to freak outs? Stop it. Your home is a soft place to fall for your people, and their people. You want your kid’s people to come over. Because you are so unfathomably awesome, that you will breathe life and love into every last one of those “littles” and “bigs” who become the purpose for your life. That, and your kid’s people are so much fun that you want to continue to pee yourself when they make you hysterical with laughter. You are a life giver, in and out of your home, not a life-suck. You can so do this.

Listen, I have been incredibly blessed with my children. My Girls make parenting mostly easy. They are so good. So amazing, these Girls of mine. It’s ridiculous. But I have done this Stay on the Platform thing for many moons now. I know stuff. I have street cred. I am old. Trail and error. Praying. Seeking wisdom from older moms, who’ve been there.  < These were my steps. If you see a woman with older kids, whom you admire, take notes. Ask questions. There is no pride in parenting. If you are prideful, you lose. Your kids lose, more importantly. And that’s just sad okay? But you’re gonna win here. Your kids are gonna be all kinds of okay, and leap over okay, and into STELLAR SPARKLING AMAZING MODE!! People gonna be jelly of your new skills 😉

Stay on the platform.

Peace out.


Warmly, Sarah

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Wack attack


Okay, so it’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to blog, and I’ve missed it – But things have been a little wacky over here. Just a full-on wack attack. Honestly, we kind of operate in Wack Attack mode. And that’s okay. That’s how we roll. Spontaneity necessitates a whole lotta improvised Mommy Life. Shhhh…don’t tell the kids. They think I know stuff.

There are two kinds of families ~ 1. Sweet, or 2. Spicy. We, my fine friends, are the latter. We are all kinds of spicy. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It lends itself to wacky. And wacky is good stuff. That’s where the personalities come out, and sparkly stuff happens. Also, messes and shouting, and fever pitched declarations…hypothetically.

If your family is Sweet, you are precious, but I just don’t “understand” your alien way of living. Aren’t you bored?? And, can you please come organize my children’s rooms please? I jest. We’re making it work over here.

Here’s the thing: If everyone’s okay with The Wack, then please continue it in your family. I think it breeds playfulness, and joy, and…shouting. My middle daughter & I do this fun thing where we yell-talk to each other. It’s hard to explain on keyboard, but it’s hysterical. If you want, next time you come over, we’ll show you and you can do it with us. It’s the best. If all members of the family (with the exception of that ONE party pooper – R.) are on board with The Wack, then just embrace it. Do it. Families are messy, because God has a sense of humor. Sometimes I eye roll His comedic timing, but I’m not God, so there’s that fact. One of my bazillion prayers for my Girls is that they will have ALLTHEFUN in their own families. Yes, there’s a line (a very very, faint, almost undetectable line), yes, it does get crossed and there are consequences but, leave your family some room to like, breathe. Refresh them. Be a soft place to fall. Drive the crazy car sometimes. Or all the time, like me! When they are grown, and they tell the stories of your family, you will smile (and I will cry) knowing we blessed their socks off. These are the good days!

Long live the Wack Attack.

Warmly, Sarah

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Kinda really good



I’m kinda really good at mommy-ing.

I make mistakes, and don’t have all the answers but, unlike cooking, I am a fantastic mom. There are a few reasons for this: First, God gave me three beautiful Girls, on loan from him, to take care of. If that doesn’t simultaneously make you care deeply AND scare the crap out of you, well, you are an alien. Please stop reading now. The next reason is, when I was a tiny little girl, I prayed specifically to one day have three girls I could mommy. And be a ballerina. One out of two isn’t bad.

God answered my prayer WITH 3 LIVE GIRL PEOPLE! This just tickles me, to no end. Every fiber in me was created to be a ‘girl mom.’ And, as I look back throughout my life, scanning events and experiences, 96% of it is used each and every day to embrace the estrogen in my home. And not just embrace it either. But love it.

Y’all. I basically live in a sorority house 24/7, minus the partying. No, I can’t even say that. Because we are serious about having fun. (In the words of Beth Moore, “If we’re grouchy, who would want to have our gospel?”) We crack our own selves up, we take a stab at trends, we are dramatic story tellers (the very best!) and perhaps most importantly, we drive Ray bonkers. Absolutely drive him to drink. He loves all of it. We’re convinced.

Lastly, I am a good Mom because it matters to me. So much so, that I could burst into tears thinking about it. Don’t dare me, unless you brought Kleenex, man.

We are good at what matters to us. Amen? Girls and women make my heart sing. Give me all the females everywhere, and I will speak love, and courage, and hope into every last one of them. It’s kinda my thing. I’m obsessed with loving on, and encouraging all the females I can possibly reach.

Boys?? …Bye Felicia.


Join in: 1) What matters to you? 2) What are YOU kinda really good at?


Warmly, Sarah

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