Forward 2016

Forward is here!! This weekend, I’m at this amazing place. What is Forward, you ask?

Each year Forward Conference features an assortment of influential speakers and talented music artists, all gathered in one place, to impact our local youth. Sometimes, not so local: This year we have youth from our Orange County, California campus, as well as our Spartanburg, South Carolina campus. I’ve seen license plates in the arena parking lot from Philadelphia, buses of kids and young adults, and youth leaders from all around the South! Even Australia. So, why are we all gathered together for this 3 day event? Junk food. Just kidding. The next generation needs a message of positivity, especially today, when all around there is so much fear and uncertainty. Gathered together, to fellowship, sing…. and eat junk food.

Take a look at these pictures that some talented guy named, Ray Candelaria took:








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    1. I like the color of these pictures – so bright and happy.

      It was fun to let my hair down and party with the teenagers & young adults!

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