How to be a good friend


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Show up. That’s it, the end.

Seriously though, it’s really that simple. We complicate the basic mechanism of a friendship with other fluff. For example: If someone (especially a woman) articulates that they are overwhelmed, stressed, wound-up, lonely, or any variance of those – Show up man. Either in word, or deed.

Chances are, if a lady friend has dug down deep in her well of vulnerability to reach out, well, we have the obligation and privilege as human beings to show up. Even for that Drama Momma. Bless her.

Showing up looks different, to different people. (Read ‘The 5 Love Languages’ for a nice baseline.) I show up mostly by edifying, or encouraging people. Or making them laugh-pee. It’s my thang. Do your thang, though. Do what feels natural, but for the love of Pete, do something.

The degree of pride that a woman must set aside to even admit she needs a friend or two, or ten, on her squad is tremendous. Let this sink in.

Women are supposed to have all our crap together, and our hair in place. All the answers, to all the household and work quandaries, and still want to be groped at the end of the day.

We have enough pressures, yes?

So, let’s get our power and our high from lifting each other up, instead of tearing other women down. Imagine what a beautiful community of women to behold, in shouldering the ups and downs together. Satan can pick you off much easier, when you isolate yourself from the heard. Have you ever told your children to hold hands and stay together?? Yes…now it’s sinking in. Hold hands and stay together. Refuse to gossip, or to even passively be around it. It’s a poison. Don’t drink it in.

Show up.

Show love.

Show funny.

Show real.

Show Jesus.


Warmly, Sarah


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  1. I needed to read this one. It’s all too easy to caught up in our own lives and selfishly show up when you FEEL like showing up. That’s not friendship. You hit the nail on the head with this one, Sarah. Show up and show Jesus. What more is there?

    1. I want to officially welcome you to the blog, Beautiful Brie! Thank you for reading my thoughts here ~ They ebb and flow, and sometimes even land in order. 😉 You are my Bae. I’m still waiting for you to find a suitable mud puddle…

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