Kinda really good



I’m kinda really good at mommy-ing.

I make mistakes, and don’t have all the answers but, unlike cooking, I am a fantastic mom. There are a few reasons for this: First, God gave me three beautiful Girls, on loan from him, to take care of. If that doesn’t simultaneously make you care deeply AND scare the crap out of you, well, you are an alien. Please stop reading now. The next reason is, when I was a tiny little girl, I prayed specifically to one day have three girls I could mommy. And be a ballerina. One out of two isn’t bad.

God answered my prayer WITH 3 LIVE GIRL PEOPLE! This just tickles me, to no end. Every fiber in me was created to be a ‘girl mom.’ And, as I look back throughout my life, scanning events and experiences, 96% of it is used each and every day to embrace the estrogen in my home. And not just embrace it either. But love it.

Y’all. I basically live in a sorority house 24/7, minus the partying. No, I can’t even say that. Because we are serious about having fun. (In the words of Beth Moore, “If we’re grouchy, who would want to have our gospel?”) We crack our own selves up, we take a stab at trends, we are dramatic story tellers (the very best!) and perhaps most importantly, we drive Ray bonkers. Absolutely drive him to drink. He loves all of it. We’re convinced.

Lastly, I am a good Mom because it matters to me. So much so, that I could burst into tears thinking about it. Don’t dare me, unless you brought Kleenex, man.

We are good at what matters to us. Amen? Girls and women make my heart sing. Give me all the females everywhere, and I will speak love, and courage, and hope into every last one of them. It’s kinda my thing. I’m obsessed with loving on, and encouraging all the females I can possibly reach.

Boys?? …Bye Felicia.


Join in: 1) What matters to you? 2) What are YOU kinda really good at?


Warmly, Sarah

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  1. You are such a wonderful mom, Sarah. I see it in your daughters every day how amazing you are with them. They are growing up to be strong, godly, independent, and FUN young women. And you are also the best encourager I’ve ever met.

    1. Brie. Thank you sounds so insufficient after a compliment like that. You could not have possibly said anything more meaningful to me. Your words completely thrill me, and humble me! I’m crying from gratitude – Is it really possible that I am doing okay?! Can I borrow Kleenex? Do you have those nice “cold feel” ones?? 🙂

      How is it possible that I have these insanely amazing neighbors? Just, how? Thank you God.

  2. I can tell your love overflows for your daughters. I was also one of three sisters, and my mother was like you. I can’t tell you how much that will mean to your three girls as they blossom into womanhood to have a loving mother like you but also to have sisters. The closeness continues to adulthood. We always know we have each other.

    1. That is so special! I can’t imagine how neat it would be to not only have one sister, but to have two. It’s like built-in best friends. You are so blessed!

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