Laundry room inspiration

After our home was finished being built, the laundry room was the very first space we customized. With it being a very small room, and one that we spend a lot of time in, I wanted something dramatic. I love using dark colors in small spaces, to achieve this. This velvety blue paint has different tonal qualities: Cool spectrum with an almost black base, and rich teal top coat. It’s other-worldly. And hard to peg down – Perfect for my taste!

I had a loose idea of what I wanted from the lighting: Something dim, something dangley, but not girly. Something to compliment the ceiling, without detracting from it. I wanted the ceiling to be The Star. And it is. The laundry space feels decidedly masculine, and unexpected. When people walk in, they are delighted. They linger. I like that.

The ceiling is made up entirely of recycled pallet wood, in assorted natural shades. The planks were stained a nice deep cocoa, before Ray used a nail gun to secure them to the ceiling. He also hand crafted a wood shelf from the same material, that was affixed to the back wall. The only thing missing is a couple of Ray’s original photography shots of Cape Cod, Boston, and the New England area, where he spent time working, and nonchalantly capturing the sights – His eye for outdoor nature photography is impeccable.

We’re happy with the (almost) end result, and hope you enjoy taking a peak inside our laundry domain.













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