My magic trick


My magic trick

We all have a little something that makes us sparkle. A little magic about us. If you’re breathing, it’s safe to say that you were created with something special in mind. Something magically yours. I’m no exception.

I know kid magic. Teaching kids to not interrupt is Mommy gold! I can teach you how to do this in a fast, easy, fun, and gentle way. The whole point is to teach kids in love, while keeping their dignity and pride in tact. All to often, I hear adults boasting about "breaking  a child's spirit." This sickens me. I have a better way! Keep your eyes open, because this one’s a keeper.

My youngest Daughter is enthusiastically engineered with words. (Where she gets this, I can only marvel. Ahem.) Anywho, it’s like trying to tame the Mark Twain of her deep thoughts, when she wants to talk to me when I’m talking to someone else.

Girl wants to speak, NOW.

I get it. Hey, I do. But since I’m all “A Mom” and stuff, I had to teach her the art of taking turns speaking. (I’m not even fully proficient yet – I get very excited for my turn too.)

Here’s the magic trick:

Scenario – Child wants to talk when I’m talking to another (probably girl) human. Instead of interrupting, THIS happens:

  • My Daughter puts her hand on top of my wrist, to signal to me that she wants to talk, when I’m finished.
  • I look down and give her a little smile, to show I’m so pleased and proud of her.
  • I place my hand on top of hers, to acknowledge her.
  • Then, when I’m done speaking (I wrap it up quickly at this point – She’s only 5 and I want her to see this magic trick works!) I bend down, and look into her eyes with my full attention, and girlfriend is free to share her heart and let it rip!

Moms: When you teach your kids the ‘trick’, get really excited and amp them up for this Really Cool Magic Trick that your going to show them – Because it’s exciting! It totally works.

Your Welcome.

Warmly, Sarah


Do you have any magic tricks to share?


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  1. A nice, happy, loving medium between letting them interrupt and giving in, to raising the voice and making a scene. I like it!

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