Black romper, nude heels









Xhiliration black t-back romper, Ivanka Trump ‘Boni’ Pointy toe Pump, Kendra Scott ‘Druzy’ gold necklace, Nordstrom 3K diamond stud earrings, Coach sunglasses.

Many mornings are: Fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pretty-little-pants kind of days. Caffeine and messy buns. Loud pop and hip hop, energizing the sleepy drive into the school driveways. But, just because I’m flung high speed out of a morning cannon, I don’t have to look like it! No Mam. Enter the romper. Rompers are life. A good, quality fabric one, will instantly make you feel like a million dollars. I add some dainty gold accessories, a red or nude pout, and voila! I’m ready for whatever life demands that day. Ohhh, and these heels!! (Insert all the heart eyes here.) These heels made from Ivanka Trump are seriously THE most comfy heels I own. I believe in nude heels. Really, I own 3 or 4 pairs, and they all elongate my legs and elevate my outfits. Also, I just LOVE pointy toed heels. They are so current, and well….on point! Same for all pointy toed shoes now ~ I’m a fan. Men’s shoes included! And a big, fat, YES to all the skinny, slim suits for men! Did Y’all see my adorable Husband, in his new suit, on Insta?!! (Styled by our good friend @Gillespie.official.)

Have a beautiful day, Y’all!! You deserve it. And a large coffee. Get it Girl.

Warmly, Sarah

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Honoring your authenticity


Authenticity. Does this word sound indulgent to you? It used to, to me. Because this word is essentially all about you. It’s who you were created to BE ~ You. Nothing less, nothing more. No excuses, no guilt, no suppression of self, just beautiful you.

Authenticity can be defined as the degree to which a person is true to their original personality, spirit, and character, despite external pressures. Real, raw, genuine material that isn’t false to the original design or purpose. True and accurate self.

You were intrinsically designed. Not an accident. Not an afterthought. But a glorious, glowy, gigantic-hearted, you. You are on purpose. I am on purpose. “Wonderfully and fearfully made.” We have a creator, and a designer. We are couture. We are designer, custom, original, specific, special, and hand-crafted goodness. Ohh yes, baby! We sure are. Let that wonderment sink in for a sec. Gah! It’s everything, right?!

My favorite, favorite, favorite verse in the Bible pertains to this exact thing, “What is man, that you are mindful of him? Human beings, that you care for us?” ~ Psalms 8:4. No one cares about your life more than God. No man, no woman, no parent, nobody. He loves you purely, and is always thinking about what is best for you. He hasn’t forgotten about you. What does it mean that God is mindful of you? He’s thinking about you. He’s alert, focused, paying attention. He sees you. Every hair on your head is numbered – Yes, even the ones you just stuck on your shower wall. Whatever concerns you, concerns God. Whatever keeps you up at night, whatever your thoughts turn to, time after time, also concern God. Whatever gets your attention, gets God’s. Because you are His.

Let’s do a little test. Don’t worry, you got this. Who are you? Strip away the titles. You are not allowed to use labels that describe who you are in relation to others. It’s kinda hard, but you can come up with some things! This is for YOU. I give you permission to drop the labels, titles, roles, hats – strip it down Girl. Don’t say: Mom, wife, sister, doctor, neighbor, pet-owner, Starbucks barista.

Having a hard time? Okay, I’ll go first. I am: A writer, a risk-taker, lover of Jesus, brave, strong, recovered perfectionist, grief survivor, testimony-baring, FUNNY, fun, belly-laugher, word lover, vulnerable, mom-misser, sister-needer, soulful, ambivert, creator, fierce lover of women & girls, joyful, outdoor-loving, nature appreciator, photographer, memory maker, spontaneous, list-maker, deep-thought thinker, thoughtful, people loving, boat rocker, rebel, quiet in a corner, beach/lake/water junkie, bookworm, leader, difference maker, light-finder, raw, real, painfully human, mistake maker, warrior, hurts survivor, victim, victor, and future hero!  I am Sarah. This is my authentic self.

If you feel unsatisfied, uneasy, or have the nagging sense that you aren’t honoring your individual authenticity, well, you probably aren’t. Don’t let anyone steal your authenticity. NO ONE. I’m so serious about this, I could spit. And I don’t spit. Don’t forget who you are! Who you were whole-fully, and woe-fully, created to be. Even if it’s tucked away. Even if it’s hidden for a season. It’s more valuable than diamonds and pearls. It’s your God-given essence. Keep going back to it in your mind, at least. Review it. Study your purpose. People need you. I need you. The world needs your un-filtered, un-adulterated, purest you. Keep YOU protected in the grind. You’re worth it.


Warmly, Sarah

In the spirit of authenticity ~ Share what your name means, in the comment section! (Sarah means, “God’s princess.”)

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Wack attack


Okay, so it’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to blog, and I’ve missed it – But things have been a little wacky over here. Just a full-on wack attack. Honestly, we kind of operate in Wack Attack mode. And that’s okay. That’s how we roll. Spontaneity necessitates a whole lotta improvised Mommy Life. Shhhh…don’t tell the kids. They think I know stuff.

There are two kinds of families ~ 1. Sweet, or 2. Spicy. We, my fine friends, are the latter. We are all kinds of spicy. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It lends itself to wacky. And wacky is good stuff. That’s where the personalities come out, and sparkly stuff happens. Also, messes and shouting, and fever pitched declarations…hypothetically.

If your family is Sweet, you are precious, but I just don’t “understand” your alien way of living. Aren’t you bored?? And, can you please come organize my children’s rooms please? I jest. We’re making it work over here.

Here’s the thing: If everyone’s okay with The Wack, then please continue it in your family. I think it breeds playfulness, and joy, and…shouting. My middle daughter & I do this fun thing where we yell-talk to each other. It’s hard to explain on keyboard, but it’s hysterical. If you want, next time you come over, we’ll show you and you can do it with us. It’s the best. If all members of the family (with the exception of that ONE party pooper – R.) are on board with The Wack, then just embrace it. Do it. Families are messy, because God has a sense of humor. Sometimes I eye roll His comedic timing, but I’m not God, so there’s that fact. One of my bazillion prayers for my Girls is that they will have ALLTHEFUN in their own families. Yes, there’s a line (a very very, faint, almost undetectable line), yes, it does get crossed and there are consequences but, leave your family some room to like, breathe. Refresh them. Be a soft place to fall. Drive the crazy car sometimes. Or all the time, like me! When they are grown, and they tell the stories of your family, you will smile (and I will cry) knowing we blessed their socks off. These are the good days!

Long live the Wack Attack.

Warmly, Sarah

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