Perfect isn’t happy


We have a saying in our house: “Perfect isn’t happy.” I made this up a long time ago, and I love to say it to my Daughters. It’s the best gift really. You can see the tense muscles relax in the truth, of these 3 little words. Words have so much power. And, ohh how I love this phrase. I say it often. Imagine me fluttering around, sprinkling glittery little love bombs around the place. Satan hates me. It’s so awesome.

I am a long-ago recovering perfectionist. Like, many pills, and many years ago. I can’t even now. People need real. Somebody’s got to have the nerve to stick their neck out and be The Real Deal. Since I didn’t see any hands up, I volunteered. And it feels goooood. The freedom is incredible. If I take my eyes off Jesus, I can panic. But for the most part, I look up. I keep my head up, unashamed at who I am. I’m not vulgar. I’m not arrogant or haughty. I’m not a loud-mouth. I’m not smug. I’m not all, “Well, you know, that’s just me.” I’m an enormous work in progress, but I’m IN PROGRESS. That’s important.

Perfection is the enemy. Did you know that there is a spiritual world that exists? There is actually a spirit of perfectionism. It’s no bueno. It’s there, and it nips at the heels of many women. Depression and anxiety are often side-effects of it. The way you kick perfectionism’s butt is to saturate yourself with some good truth words, and some good old fashion, good people. There are some left. I promise. If you don’t know one, you do now.

Pay attention to the things you say. Some of them are ridiculous, right? Would you say these things to a friend? No way. Listen Friends, YOU are your best friend. Stop acting like a mean girl to yourself. God doesn’t create junk! Get into the Bible, and read exactly what He says about you. It’s pretty cool.

Give yourself freedom to be PROGRESSING, not perfecting. We have another saying in my house, “Practice makes Progress.” Not perfect. Same idea. See the trend?

Stick around here, beautiful. We’re gonna see some great things happen together. I’ll believe in you, until you can believe in yourself. I’ll love you, until you can love yourself. And then you’re gonna get out there, and shine Baby shine!


Warmly, Sarah

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  1. I love reading your stuff… It’s exactly what I’m needing lately. It all makes so much sense! You have quite the way with words. ❤

  2. Hey Neighbor! I love this entry and identify with your words on so many levels. Since becoming an adult I have always found myself striving for the next best thing. Like, what I have is great, but that over there is better and I want better. I think to a point, this is healthy ambition. But after having kids and always striving to keep up with “those moms”. The ones in my head that had beautiful, clean homes all the time and did not run errands on a Saturday morning with greasy hair and workout clothes on. I would be in Kroger or Target at 9 am and the whole darn family looks liked they walked out of a magazine and I am all like, damn, do my socks match? There is so much pressure as a woman and a mother. I think that many women are so critical of our own sex and we have so much added pressure to pursue “perfection”. But at the end of the day, the pretty, posed pictures on FB or the nice clean house you saw that one time, are just a snapshot of that mom’s life (all the clutter was probably shoved in a closet, just like at my house!). We are all just keeping our heads above water and trying our best. I hope for myself and my daughter that we can surround ourselves with women who understand the struggle and do not judge. That we can encourage each other when the inevitable parent fail happens. Anyway, this was a longwinded way of saying I loved this entry and cannot wait to read more!

    1. Welcome to the blog, Breanne! Thank you for sharing your heart. It’s easy to think someone has it all together, without really knowing. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, and I hope you continue to read here. It’s a safe place. And a soft place to “fall.”

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