Outdoor patio: Globe string lights!

Globe string lights are quite popular right now. Everybody seems to want to get their hands on them, (as evidenced by their sell-out rate) and we’re no exception! As a rule, I normally like my home to feel set apart, special, and different from the fray – (as soon as someone does it, I’m looking for a fresh alternative) – but not this time. I’m all about the globe string lights, and the other beautiful touches that Ray implemented in our outdoor patio space. I can only take credit for the ideas – he brought it all to life.

Summer BBQ’s (a California term: Google it.), 4th of July, and 3 gorgeous daughters all with Summer birthdays, necessitates a comfortable outdoor space. We spend A LOT of time in our expansive backyard. We need it awesome.

Before the globe string lights could go up, the real work ensued: Ray hand crafted the crown molding, to frame the bead boarded ceiling he created. This was an all-weekend process, which Ray made¬†look¬†easy. (No cuss, no fuss. lol!) After the crown molding and bead board were up, our girls (ages 5, 12, & 15) painted the ceiling planks that we installed, a gorgeous, Charleston inspired ‘Haint blue.’ (If you haven’t visited Charleston, SC, stop reading this and GO THERE NOW. And go to Hyman’s Seafood Restaurant, for the love of oysters.) Haint blue is a color originally used on the front porches of the Charleston mansions, thought to stop evil spirits from entering the home. (Sign me up, I don’t need any of THAT drama.) I’m down. Because, evil spirits are not cool Y’all. Another perk is that the color repels bugs and such, because the blue resembles the natural sky line. (I’m side-eyeing this one – we still have bugs galore, because – Georgia. Duh.)

Come over and grill out with us! (A Georgia term: Google it.) Until then – Enjoy our pretty patio ‘scape…

Warmly, Sarah

July 14, 2016-_W6A0098

July 14, 2016-_W6A0092

July 14, 2016-_W6A0121

July 14, 2016-_W6A0122

July 14, 2016-_W6A0128

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