Top 3 mascara picks

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Behold, the trifecta of mascaras! This is the mascara dream team in my book. These 3 are my top favorites, my tried-and-true.

When I look for top performing mascaras, I’m typically searching for one to build length in my lashes. Volume is secondary to me, because what I really need, and love, is length. Also, I like very black, ‘noir’ mascara. Mascaras are tricky, because you can’t walk into an Ulta or Sephora, and swatch them onto your hand, like you can a lipstick. You need to buy a new tube (do people really sample mascaras? Eww) and apply a couple coats, then wait a few hours to see how the mascara performs. Does it flake? Does it coat evenly? Does it dry too quickly, preventing more coats? (I like a few coats.) It’s also worth mentioning that I like to be a little vampy with my lashes – I go big! My makeup is generally pretty natural, but I like some OOomph in the lash department. Every girl needs to find what’s best for her lashes. Let me know if you try any of my picks, or have your own favorites! Call them out in the comment section, I’d love to hear them.

Here’s what I reach for:

  • Maybelline Lash Sensational – My everyday. A nice, curved fan brush. Lengthens & separates lashes well.
  • Benefit’s They’re Real! – Date night mascara. Va Va Voom! Straight, spiked brush. Lash nirvana. I’m serious.
  • L’Oreal Miss Manga – ┬áChurch, or Girls-Night-Out. Did I just say that in the same sentence? Ha, ha ha.┬áDon’t let the packaging scare you (it’s cartoon-ish and juvenile.) Straight wand, but the brush twists and turns every which way. Which grabs every last lash – genius design! It’s my middle-road, somewhere between the Lash Sensational and They’re Real.

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