Sweet Sarah

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That’s what my Daddy used to call me. He used to say a little rhyme to me ~ “Sarah Nicole was a good ‘ol soul, she went to heaven in a sugar bowl!” Also, he painted the words “Lil Talker” on my sandbox. But we’re not even talking about that.

We played a team building exercise at work, where co-workers would leave a yellow post-it note in your mailbox with a word that describes you.

I got sweet.

Mostly, I’m happy that I am perceived as sweet. A little generic maybe, but whatever. Perhaps those leaning in closer to me might detect: Sassy, spicy, funny, or okay, sweet.

My Step Mom does sweet right. Really does it well. She exudes a confidence that she can be sweet despite the noise around her. She will not stop being sweet, and a lady. Thank goodness.┬áPeople take all kinds of liberties that they shouldn’t, when you are sweet. But we’re onto┬áthese kind of people, thinking they are sly, taking advantage of our sweet selves. (You’re totally NOT, by the way.) Bless your heart.

Here’s the deal: Sweetness can be mistaken for weakness. It’s quite the opposite. There is power in that epi-center of self-control, that is usually characteristic of sweetness. Tact even. And that’s the sweet spot, my friends. Because when sweet people put their mind to something, we can be fierce. And successful as crap. And win. (Everything is a contest with me. Everyyyything. It’s fun like that.)

Case-in-point: Bindi Irwin on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ So sweet, that girl. Sweet with some Stevia on top, sweet. She won everyone over with her sweet disposition – but she won with her hard work and belief in herself.

Sweet is a darn good start.

My Daddy also used to say that I was very industrious. I look forward to that written on a piece of paper too someday.

Stay sweet.

Warmly, Sarah

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